$50 minimum purchase + $5 delivery


How Does This Work?

The store is “open” from Sunday morning to Wednesday evening each week. Customers may place orders up until 9pm on Wednesday, at which point the store will “close” for the remainder of the week. Any orders placed before the cut-off time will be available for either pickup or delivery on Saturday. Please note that orders are sent to farmers and producers after store closing time on Wednesday evening. Once the store closes at 9pm, we allow 15 minutes in order to give people time to complete their purchases and check out. Any orders placed after 9:15pm will not be honoured, and will be refunded. We thank you for your understanding.

Where Do I Pickup My Order?

You can pick up your order at Dominion City Brewery at 5510 Canotek Rd, just around the corner from the beer pickup location. Pickups occur Saturdays between 11am-3pm. Please note that pickups are only available during the stated times and that no one will be available to assist you outside of the stated pickup times. 

Can I Have My Order Delivered?

Yes! Right now, we are offering limited number of deliveries. Deliveries will take place on Saturdays between 9am-6pm. There is a $5 delivery charge. We are working to increase our delivery capacity in order to meet demand! If you are trying to place an order and delivery is not available, it means we have reached our peak delivery capacity for the week and we are unable to accept more delivery orders. You can, however, still place an order for pickup at our location at 5510 Canotek Rd.

How Is This Different From Other Similar Services?

We have endeavoured to cater more to farmers, and to reduce food waste, by having a system that allows farmers to only harvest what is ordered from them, and for producers to only make what is ordered from them. The two-day window between ordering and pickup/delivery allows farmers and producers to have adequate time to plan, prepare, and fulfill your orders, while reducing food waste by removing the unknown from sales.

Is There A Minimum Order Amount?

Yes, there is. Currently we require a $50 minimum order.