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Aphrodisiac Roller

Handmade Herbology

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10ml roller

Ingredients (all organically-grown): Jojoba Oil infused with Vanilla, Damiana, Roses, Hibiscus, and Oat Straw, with essential oils of Vetiver, Sandalwood, Rose, Neroli and Sweet Orange. 

Made with Love. 

"This roller blend is intoxicating! I was blown away by how exotic and grounding the smell of it is, and let me tell you first hand, it works! I have infused jojoba oil with vanilla that I brought back from Ecuador, and other herbs to promote nourishing, antidepressant, sensuous, healing, and loving properties. I have left the ingredients off the packaging because I like the look of the roller as is. "

- Jess Gibson, Handmade Herbology